EY Summer Internship

The EY Summer Internship is a four or six-week summer placement that immerses you in life and work at one of our EY offices in the UK. You'll benefit from world-class training and development, allowing you to work to your individual strengths, stretch yourself and make an impact early on. Impress us, and there's a good chance you'll be offered a graduate position.

What is it?

A four or six-week summer programme (depending on what scheme you join) that gets you fully involved with life and work at EY. To begin with, you will attend an induction to the firm. Then as the pace picks up, you’ll soon be doing the same kind of work as our graduates. You’ll be part of a team working with our clients in one of our four main business areas: Assurance, Consulting, Tax and Transactions.

Why do it?

You’ll benefit from the world-class training, career counselling and personal development coaching from a really expert mentor. And because the work you do will be similar to our graduates’ work, you’ll be able to stretch yourself and make a positive contribution.

If your internship goes well, there’s a good chance you’ll be offered a graduate position within the team you’ve been working for. That means the pressure to find a job during your final year at university is off – you can slot back into a team you’re already familiar with once you finish your degree.

But there’s much more to it than that. If things go really well and we offer you a graduate position, you may be lucky enough to attend our International Intern Leadership Conference (IILC) in Florida the summer before you start full-time.

Entry requirements:

If you are in your penultimate year of study, or in your final year and will be completing a 1-year Master’s degree or taking a gap year you can apply for our exciting four or six-week programme that starts with fundamental business skills and ends with you doing the same work as our graduates. You’ll be part of a team doing work for real clients.

How do I apply?

You'll need to decide what area of the business you'd like to apply for (click back to find our 6 business areas).

Complete the online application form, and you'll then complete online strengths assessments. If you're successful, you'll then be able to book yourself on a telephone interview - this is a good time to express your strengths and motivations in working for EY. If you're successful you'll then come to your local office for an assessment centre, where you'll receive an outcome based on your performance on the day. We'll do our best to bring you through the process in 8 weeks or less.

For our 2018 programmes we have two schemes for you to choose from:

Scheme 1: 6 weeks commencing at the beginning of July

Scheme 2: 4 weeks commencing in early August


If you have any questions, please email summerinternshipprogramme@uk.ey.com.