EY Degree Apprenticeship in Digital Innovation – Tax

EY people working in Tax help make sure that our clients are paying the right tax, in the right way. If one of our clients starts doing business in another country, how much tax should they pay there? Tax laws change all the time, so keeping up with regulations is a big part of working in Tax.

In a digitally-driven world, we need to transform our business to prepare for changes happening in our profession as a result of emerging technologies. This means changing the way in which we deliver services to our clients, involving the introduction of a high degree of automation. We’re looking for people who will combine their tax and digital expertise to lead our business into the future.

As a degree apprentice working in Tax you will be part of an exciting new growth area at EY. Some examples of the work you could be doing include:

  • Solve problems using a host of state-of-the-art technologies and techniques – solving complex challenges in the automation of tax advice, tax monitoring, document review, transfer pricing or withholding taxes, and streamlining and automating tax compliance.
  • Gain experience in opportunities such as designing and prototyping emerging technology solutions (e.g. developing web and mobile apps)
  • Help to reshape the tax function of major FTSE-listed companies, to ensure they remain compliant while preparing them for a digital future.
  • Be part of EY’s own digital tax transformation as the UK tax authorities (and tax administrations around the world) fundamentally change the way they engage with taxpayers.
  • Work collaboratively in EY/client teams to solve our clients’ biggest business tax problems – building opportunities for your future in EY.


As an apprentice you can help business make the best use of their most valuable asset – their people.

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Are you ready to bridge the gap between technology and business?

Do you think outside of the box? We’re looking for logical and creative thinking skills, and those with an attention to detail that will ultimately help create digital solutions for some of the biggest problems facing business today. You will be able to work independently, use your own initiative and be ready to embrace responsibilities which could see you working with a range of internal and external people – meaning you are confident at communicating in a variety of different situations. And if you’re not then we will give you all of the guidance and support to you need.

So why wait? Come as you are and show the world what you’ve got.

You’re more ready than you think.

Life in Tax

Lots of our clients pay tax all over the world, and tax regulations are constantly changing. Could you think of new innovations to ensure your clients pay the right tax at the right time?

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We're now open for applications. Apply now to start in September 2018.