What we do for our clients

Provide reassurance

As external auditors, we help companies and governments publish accurate financial accounts. This means they can meet legal requirements and make decisions with confidence.

Reduce risk

Organisations rely heavily on IT and data, so even the smallest mistake or security breach can damage their reputation or business performance. We work with our clients to help spot and reduce the risks of this happening

Create solutions

We help businesses make sure that their systems are safe and working properly. By asking questions like ‘what could go wrong?’ and ‘how can we prevent this?’, we then create solutions and put them in place.

Hot topics in Assurance

What are the big challenges?

With fake news and corporate scandals filling our newsfeeds, it’s easy to see why there is a strong need for trust between companies, governments and the public. Organisations need to work hard to ensure confidence by becoming more transparent around financial, environmental, social and governance issues. As one of the ‘Big Four’ audit firms, we take this responsibility seriously for ourselves as well as our clients. That’s why we’ve published the EY UK 2018 Transparency Report.

How we’re using technology

Recent advances in technology have transformed the way we work at EY. For example, to help analyse our clients’ expanding amounts of data, we’ve built over 1,100 bots and reinvented our own data analytics processes. This is also great for our jobs, because when technology automates the everyday admin, we get to focus on the work that’s really interesting and the relationships we’re building with our clients.  

Can you see yourself in Assurance?

What the work involves

You’ll be applying your analytical skills to financial audits and, in some teams, broader issues like environmental policies, cyber security, fraud investigations or business governance. You might be helping a start-up ready itself for investors or supporting an established industry leader as it evaluates how it can take on more agile challengers.

Where your career could take you

Drew joined EY as an 18-year-old school leaver. Five years later, he’s now fully qualified and a manager.


Ask our people

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