What we do for our clients

Anticipate change

When organisations are busy focusing on their business, it can be difficult for them to keep up with the changing world. We use our expertise and knowledge of current trends to put them on the front foot.

Reduce risk

From technology systems that are going out of date to suppliers who might go bust, risks in business are everywhere. We use specialist techniques to help clients spot and manage these risks.

Improve performance

Even the world’s best companies can do things better. We help clients look at the big picture as well as the small details that can make all the difference in a competitive marketplace.

Hot topics in Consulting

What are the big challenges?

While our clients face an array of challenges, the speed of change has to be one of the biggest. ‘Disruption’ is a word you’ll hear a lot. It describes the way that new, better ways of working change the rules of the game. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things and cybersecurity are doing just this. Companies that can’t keep up won’t last long. But those that can lead the change will create a big advantage.

How we’re using technology

From data analysts to software developers, our Consulting teams are full of talented technologists. But we don’t just keep to ourselves – collaboration is a big part of how we work, too. For example, through our partnerships with the likes of IBM, Microsoft and SAP, we’re creating new possibilities for our clients around digital transformation.

Can you see yourself in Consulting?

What the work involves

Depending on which team you join, you could be specialising in issues like technology, people and risk, or developing experience in a more general business context. In any case, you’ll be putting your research and analysis skills to good use to understand industry trends, and developing your curiosity and communication skills to help clients solve complex problems.

Where your career could take you

Juliet has worked in our Consulting service line for over a decade, journeying through marriage, motherhood and a bunch of promotions to become the director she is today.


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