What we do for our clients

Know the rules

International tax laws are complex and getting caught out can be a costly mistake. We keep on top of the ever-changing rules so that our clients meet their obligations.

Integrate technology

From smart forecasting to automatic number-crunching, technology is having a big impact in the tax world. We help our clients find the tech that can give them an edge, then put it in place.

Boost profitability

Companies face many choices that affect how much tax they pay. Which legal structure is most efficient? What’s the best way to relocate and reward employees? We help clients choose well and maximise profitability.  

Hot topics in Tax

What are the big challenges?

Businesses are attracted to certainty. It means they can plan ahead and perform well. The trouble is, the world is full of uncertainty – think politics, the economy and technology, for starters. This means it’s important for us to provide as much clarity and certainty as we can, as tax consultants. The pace of change in the market also challenges organisations to be agile, so our approach to tax facilitates this, as well. 

How we’re using technology

We’re using technology to reinvent how we work within the Tax service line. A recent example is AI software we developed. It takes a job that used to take 15 hours of manual work and completes it in three seconds! This is great for our team, because we can use that saved time to tackle the more challenging work.

Can you see yourself in Tax?

What the work involves

As well as our general tax experts, we also have teams that specialise in employee-related tax issues or international financial services clients. Whichever you choose to join, you’ll quickly build your technical and commercial knowledge, working on a variety of tax reporting, compliance and planning.

Where your career could take you

After first joining EY as a summer intern, Stephanie is now a Partner in our Financial Services Tax team. She says that a massive part of her career progress has been down to her ability to adapt to changes and grow her network.


Ask our people

If you’d like to know more about Tax at EY, why not get in touch with one of our Tax graduates or apprentices now?

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