What we do for our clients

Develop strategies

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Drawing on economic principles and statistical analysis, we help our clients understand the risks, rewards and true value of potential deals, so they can make the best decisions for the future of their business.

Raise funds

Companies don’t always have the deep pockets needed to fund their ambitions, so they have to raise money in other ways. We help them do this through borrowing, investments, mergers and acquisitions.

Manage change

Transactions that look good on paper often fall short of their potential, in reality. By guiding our clients through the details involved in integrating or separating parts of a business, we make sure they change successfully.

Hot topics in Transactions

What are the big challenges?

Policy changes and uncertainty over regulations have made companies a little more hesitant to pursue mergers and acquisitions – at least until the landscape becomes more certain. At the same time, today’s business world is changing fast. That means those companies that do make bold moves will be in a stronger competitive position than those who play it safe. For us, this makes things very interesting.

How we’re using technology

We’ve invested heavily in advanced quantitative analysis tools to provide deeper insights, and data visualisation methods to present these with greater clarity and impact. Transactions also involves a lot of sharing information between different parties, so we’re using online platforms to collaborate more closely and at faster speeds.

Can you see yourself in Transactions?

What the work involves

The nature of transactions means that some periods of time are super-busy, while others are calmer. If you love the buzz of a big deadline, this could be a good fit for you. A lot of the work involves research and analysis and in some teams, this is more numbers-based than in others.

Where your career could take you

In just a few years, Sam’s gone from fresh graduate to Manager in our Transactions team. Stints abroad and a place on our accelerated leadership programme have all been formative experiences along the way.


Ask our people

If you’d like to know more about Transactions at EY, why not get in touch with one of our Transactions graduates or apprentices now?

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