Transactions - Service Line

Showing businesses how they can raise, optimise, preserve and invest capital, you'll be involved in performing strategic, commercial and financial analyses of companies' involvement in a variety of transactions.

What do we do?

In recent years, organisations have used transactions strategically to enhance their growth, competitiveness and profitability. We help corporate and fund management clients understand how their businesses could succeed in the future, and then work with them to make it happen.

What kind of work will you be doing?

We work with the world’s largest organisations on some of the biggest and most complex cross-border engagements in the global market. You’ll help those clients make better and more informed decisions in a changing world. That means advising them on how they preserve, optimise, raise and invest capital to help them achieve their strategic objectives.

In joining our Transactions team, you can specialise in one of the following areas:

Financial Services Transactions

Working within Financial Services you will have the opportunity to spend time in the following areas of our business, Transaction Support, Mergers and Acquisitions, Valuations, Business Modelling, Operational Transaction Services, Corporate Finance Strategy and Restructuring. You’ll have opportunities to work on global and high profile engagements, combined with significant development opportunities to step up and take on responsibility early in your career. Our projects are typically complex, integrated assignments that frequently involve working with colleagues across a variety of disciplines, as well as other professional advisers. Our clients include leading global companies across the Insurance, Banking & Capital Markets and Asset Management industries. Many of our projects involve international travel, and the integration of our EMEIA practice has made longer-term mobility a genuinely accessible option for those who wish to develop their career internationally.

Corporate Finance Strategy

You’ll work with a range of clients, advising management teams on strategy development, and both corporate and private equity clients on the acquisition of divestment of businesses. A core area of our expertise is commercial due diligence such as market growth, competitive landscape, pricing, new products or entering new geographies.

We have a wealth of sector knowledge available in our team from industry experts, economic data, customer and internal company data that we use to provide independent business plans for our clients. You’ll be involved in complex assignments that involve you working with colleagues across a variety of disciplines.


Restructuring works for a broad range of stakeholders helping to assess business viability and options to address the issues identified – for example helping companies in distress, or banks whose loans are to companies in distress. You’ll be providing advice to underperforming companies as well as their banks, creditors and other interested parties. That means independent analysis and, ultimately, helping the businesses either get back on track or undergo insolvency procedures such as administration or receivership.

Transaction Support

We work with corporate and private equity clients advising them when they are buying or selling companies or parts of businesses, as well as helping clients to refinance or list on stock exchanges. We undertake financial due diligence work, assessing a target company’s finances and business projections, identifying opportunities, risks, sensitivities and potential mitigations, and reporting on these to our clients, their banks, investors and other parties. Our assignments are complex and high pressured and involve working with colleagues across a variety of disciplines and jurisdictions.

Operational Transactional Services

We work on some of the world's most complex and high profile international projects, from mergers and acquisitions, to restructuring and joint ventures, across a broad portfolio of clients and industry sectors including pharmaceutical, consumer products and energy. Our experts assist clients with effective integration and separation strategies, identify synergies and sources of value enhancement, as well as advise on risk mitigation and the successful change of operations, functions and people. We help our clients buy, sell and merge with other organisations as well as assessing broader strategic growth options, identifying and creating operational value from their acquisitions and divestments. We also assist our corporate and Private Equity clients with effective operational and IT due diligence, integration and separation planning and execution, and operational and IT restructuring.

Corporate Finance

Our Capital and Debt Advisory team is experienced in leading complex financings and transactions across a range of sectors and debt products.

We advise entrepreneurs, management teams, private equity firms, corporates, PLCs and Government to achieve their strategic capital objectives through acquisitions, disposals and fund raisings. We offer the full range of Mid-Market Corporate Finance services across all industry sectors – including Government and clients that work with Government. We provide independent sector-focused advice with strong regional coverage.

Within Corporate Finance we will equip you with the required skills from the start of your career with us by providing a tailored training program in your first years with the team. You’ll also receive regular technical training, focused on deepening your technical expertise, as well as on the job learning. 


What are we looking for?

You’ll need keen problem-solving skills and the ability to respond well to pressure. The work is fast-paced and high-profile, often with tight, strict deadlines. You’ll need to be flexible because you’ll be working in several locations across the UK and also further afield when required.

What training and development will you get?

We’ll equip you with the technical skills for complex financial analysis, due diligence or operational modelling, and help you build the softer skills needed for successful client relationships. Depending on the programme you choose, we’ll support your study for your ICAS exams or an Operational Research Society qualification.


EY Corporate Finance Woman of the Year

We want to be inspired by women. Purpose-driven women who challenge conventional ways of thinking, who are curious about growth, who dare to ask questions to seek better answers – Women who want to build a better working world. Held over two days, the 2018 EY Corporate Finance Women of the Year competition, will give the finalists from each participating country the opportunity to network and share ideas with EY Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) leaders and our people from around the world. Find out more. 


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