What is #EYFutureSkills?

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming and disruptive technologies are turning the world of work on its head – which means the skills you need for future success are changing fast.

We’re here to help - because our success depends on yours.

#EYFutureSkills gives you:

  • An inside look at the most important skills you’ll need for the future of work.
  • Essential advice to help you understand and hone the right Future Skills.
  • Brain-teasing challenges to help you test your skills.
  • An introduction to some inspiring people who are succeeding in the new world of work.
  • The chance to win some great prizes in the process - from tech gadgets to life-changing experiences.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently asked 350 HR leaders from the world’s biggest organisations which skills will be in greatest demand in their business in 2020. Their findings? Although AI and smart machines may claim many jobs, there will be increasing demand for skills where the human touch is still required.

Building on WEF’s research, and developing it using our own experts, we’ve identified these 5 key future skills you simply cannot afford to ignore when you’re setting out your path to career success:

  • Complex problem solving. The ability to examine complex information or a difficult situation and show accuracy and sound judgement in choosing a response. Understanding what is and isn’t important through objective critical thinking.
  • Creativity. Looking ahead, being an innovator, and always providing fresh ideas. Being entrepreneurial and inventive, with the ability to challenge the status quo, connect the apparently unconnected, and join the dots in unique ways.
  • Cognitive flexibility. Being adaptable and comfortable in dealing with change, unknowns and ambiguity. Constantly testing and learning new skills, with the agility to multi-task and think about multiple concepts simultaneously.
  • Emotional intelligence. Demonstrating empathy for others by seeing things through their perspective, as well as your own. Using this awareness to show maturity, level-headedness, resilience and self-control, while maintaining a positive outlook.
  • Collaboration. The ability to co-ordinate well with others, including those you don’t know, accommodating different styles across different platforms and virtual teams. Being socially and culturally aware and able to build solid relationships in fragmented circumstances.

Shaping the future of work at EY

At EY, we have a front row seat to the biggest changes impacting the business world. In all our work across Assurance, Consulting, Tax and Transactions, clients rely on us to give insightful, forward-thinking advice. That’s why we recruit and train people who are smart, ambitious, curious, excited about change and technology - regardless of background.

We also want to play a part in helping you get there. We’ve listened to you and know that you want employers like us to do more to guide you through the skills and choices that will give you the best possible start to your career.

So that’s what #EYFutureSkills is all about. We hope you’ll enjoy exploring everything this site has to offer.

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