Deputy Editor of The Pool, Lucy Dunn, and her son Callum, recently attended our first Parentaship event. Find out why she wanted to attend as well as how the experience has supported her to have better career conversations.

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What inspired you to apply to attend the launch of the EY Parentaship with your son Callum?

When it comes to Callum and what he wants to do next we've been at a bit of an impasse, mainly because we've not known where to start and what choices he has going forward, but also trying to get any teenager to think about their future is difficult to say the least. As a parent however, I am aware that it's too important a decision not to get to grips with – the last thing I want him to do is set off in a direction which he decides halfway isn't right for him, after all. EY Parentaship event has helped us to start our journey and focus on what we need to do next.  

What was your highlight(s) of the day?

The highlight of the day was the careers advisor Louise Rochford who gave us a vital snippet of advice that we have since acted on - how work experience is vital in helping a young person work out what they like and don't like in the world of work. My school has organised general work experience in the past, but Louise has encouraged us to think about arranging more targeted placements in the field that my son is thinking of working in. It's not easy, but I have decided to see who I know and who can take him for a few days. 

How has the EY Parentaship helped you and Callum to have better career conversations so far?

The EY Parentaship day has helped me to think that as parents, we need to open up the world of work to our kids – how do they know what they want to do when they haven't experienced anything? We can do this through work experience, university taster days and keeping the career conversation open. I am also fed up with nagging – by showing Callum what could happen if he works harder and does well in A Levels I am hoping I can motivate him.  Fingers and toes crossed it works!


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Find out what Lucy and Callum have been up to following the Parentaship event, through the ClulessMum Vlog.