Past event: Parental Advice Panel Discussion


On Tuesday 19 September 2017 we brought together industry experts, well-known faces, parents and teachers at London’s National Theatre to debate the state of careers advice today, what needs to change and how parents can play their part. 


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Jack Parsons v2

Jack Parsons

Young, motivational and opinionated, Jack Parsons is a millennial on a mission.  As CEO of yourfeed, a social platform he created to help connect young people and their skills to employers, Jack has a passion for making a difference.

"I'm very humbled and extremely excited to be involved with the Parental Advice campaign by EY. Being a massive advocate of young people, and working every day to support them in their careers, I know this campaign will make a real impact. 

Why? Because young people 'don't know what they don't know'. And, in fact, the same is true of people of all ages – including parents. So, giving parents knowledge that enables them to educate and inspire their children about different career paths is super exciting for me. I’m really glad that I can share some modern methods with parents, so we can all help young people to fulfil their potential."

Laura Jane v2

Laura-Jane Rawlings

Laura-Jane Rawlings is the Founder and Chief Executive of Youth Employment UK CIC. A passionate campaigner for the rights for all young people to access employment and have their voices heard, Laura-Jane is recognised as a leading youth employment expert.

"I work with thousands of young people across the UK and understand from them that one of their greatest barriers to employment is a lack of careers information and support in making next step choices. The world of work truly is fascinating, it is changing rapidly and the opportunities for young people are endless. Its hugely important that young people have the support they need to progress, to make informed decisions and that they do not find it to be highly stressful or worrying when it should be one of the most exciting times for them. Helping parents to understand how to support their children and what the options are or at least where to find good quality information is essential as we know parents are the biggest influencers. As a mum and aunt I want to know that I can support my family in these moments."

Sarah Beeny v2

Sarah Beeny

Sarah Beeny is a renowned property expert, businesswoman and ‘TV’ presenter. Sarah set up her first property development company aged just 24. With over 20 years’ experience, she is today one of the most familiar and trusted names in the world of property.

"Parents have plenty of difficult conversations with their children – and the careers chat is one of them. As a mum of four boys, I understand the pressure parents feel to get it right. I also know, as someone who runs many successful businesses, there are so many ways for young people to succeed. My own path wasn’t conventional: while my friends went off to uni, I worked for myself, doing everything from selling vacuum cleaners to setting up my own sandwich company. As well as learning so much about myself, being self-employed let me save up a deposit on a house – the first step toward my career in property development, and the beginning of my life as a businesswoman. So, while I understand the value of a traditional education, I also know the value of taking a different route. And when I look at my employees, I see great people come from all kinds of backgrounds. University, apprenticeships, work experience – all these can lead a young person into a fantastic career in business."


Flo v2

Flo Barrett

Flo Barrett is an associate in the EY Cambridge office. She began her career in accountancy on the EY Business Apprenticeship in 2013. Today, Flo spends her time travelling to, and working with, our clients to check their financial accounts are in order.

"I’m really excited about taking part in this panel. I’ve been passionate about helping parents understand different options ever since I joined EY.

I think it’s because I’ve been through the careers conversation so recently. And it wasn’t easy. Mum and I had conflicting opinions about the best route to a great career, and I think it was partly because she wasn’t aware of all the different options available to me. By sharing my knowledge and experience with parents and their children today, I want to help those parents and students who may be in a similar situation to me and my Mum. And I want those young people to find a great role that they’re passionate about – just like I did."

Steven Bartlett v2

Steven Bartlett

Steven is the newly appointed CEO of The Social Chain Group. Steven founded two of the flagship companies within the group; Social Chain and Media Chain. Social Chain is now Europe’s leading social marketing agency working with brands such as Coca Cola, Apple, FIFA and Warner Music. Media Chain is one of the largest media owners in the world, reaching billions of people online every month. Steve is now an established speaker, investor and was recently named the most influential young entrepreneur in the industry.

"After dropping out of university after just one lecture, and subsequently amassing a large following on social media, I see it as my responsibility to inform young people about the wealth of alternative career options available today. This campaign is really important as it aptly demonstrates a viewpoint close to my heart. There’s a big need to branch out from the conventional path established for us by the education system and seek creativity and enjoyment in a career."

Lee Janaway2

Lee Janaway

Lee is a Senior Manager within Harrow College, an innovative London Further Education College. He is an advocate for ensuring young people get the most out of their education and leave with a range of attributes that will benefit their future.

“Further education colleges such as ours have a wide-ranging training and academic offer for all young people, and we want to support all pupils in their search for the right career upon leaving us. Looking back at my own experience, I went to college and studied something I was interested in (after not really maximising my potential at school) before progressing into higher education, therefore, as a result I have always looked to support young people follow their interests and what’s best for them. I’m a firm believer that the path to the right career is different for everyone, and that school leavers should be offered the full scope of opportunities available to them.”