Charlotte's dad - John

Charlotte Factfile

For today’s school leavers making a decision about what to do next can be a difficult process – especially if the decision means not going to university. If you are a parent helping your son or daughter to make this decision then we thought you might find it useful to read about the experiences of the parents of some of our current trainees. John's daughter Charlotte joined the School Leaver programme in Tax in September 2013.

  • Did you go to university?

No I didn't.

  • Straight to work? 

Yes I did an apprenticeship for 4 years in 'Motor Vehicle Engineering' studying BTEC.

  • What do you do currently? 

Currently I am a Maintenance Manager responsible for the maintenance and budget for around 400 or so commercial vehicles at the depot where I work and the maintenance staff who carry out the repairs on all shifts. I have worked for the same company for 32 years since leaving school.

  • When you first heard about the programme were you aware of EY and what they do? 

I was aware of EY but not about the opportunities available.

  • How did you first hear about the programme?

I heard about the programme from Charlotte she did lots of research into what was available.

  • What did you think of the programme?

I thought that it seemed a very good opportunity to work for a great company and learn on the job and take exams towards a great career. Charlotte spoke about what it entailed.

  • How would you compare it to going to university?

In my view it is better than going to university as candidates are able to learn the job in a 'real' environment and also take their exams. I feel that the training given and the support structure is very good.

  • What did you and Charlotte discuss when she was deciding which path to take towards her future career / education?

We discussed that University wasn't an option for her as she wanted an apprenticeship. I was 100% supportive in this because of my own apprenticeship background and knowing that with thisroute you can still achieve and go into management.

  • Did you have any concerns about Charlotte applying? What were they? And why?

I had no concerns with Charlotte applying as I knew it was what she wanted to do based on the research she had done into the profession and apprenticeships and school leaver programmes.

  • How have you found the programme now that Charlotte has started?

I have found that it can be quite intense – getting a good balance isn’t always easy – work, study, home life…. I think that an individual needs to be quite focused in what they want and want to achieve.

  • Have you notice any changes to Charlotte?

I think that Charlotte has matured and her self-confidence has increased, she has been given opportunities to meet clients and has also done this on her own. She is a committed individual who gives her all taking pride in what she does.

  • Would you recommend the programme to other parents? Why?

I would recommend the programme to other parents as I can see what it has done for Charlotte and I can also see how good EY are to work for and the opportunities within the company to progress.

To find out more about Charlotte's experience on the School Leaver Programme you can watch her profile video