Charlotte's mum - Jeanine

Charlotte's Mum Jeanine

For today’s school leavers making a decision about what to do next can be a difficult process – especially if the decision means not going to university. If you are a parent helping your son or daughter to make this decision then we thought you might find it useful to read about the experiences of the parents of some of our current trainees. Jeanine's daughter Charlotte joined the School Leaver programme in Tax in September 2013.

  • Did you go to university?


  • Straight to work? 

Yes – in my first job I worked as a book keeper

  • What do you do currently? 

I work as the Senior Plant Administration and Liaison Officer for, a family run Royal Warranted laundry company.

  • When you first heard about the programme were you aware of EY and what they do?

I knew about EY and roughly what they do, just not the depths.

  • How did you first hear about the programme?

Through Charlotte.

  • What did you think of the programme? What informed this?

This was something that excited Charlotte very much – she had researched this thoroughly and so I supported her choice 100%.

  • How would you compare it to going to university?

Charlotte had always made it clear that she did not want to go to University so I didn’t push her on this.

  • What did you and Charlotte discuss when she was deciding which path to take towards her future career / education?

Charlotte discussed everything with us regarding tests during the application process, what EY was offering and this was something that she has always wanted to do. Charlotte is a very bright young lady and has always enjoyed challenges. She was very thorough in everything she researched, broke it all down to me. At the end of the day I wanted her to do something that she was passionate about as this could effectively be her career for her working life. She had to be sure that this was what she wanted. It was – very much so.

  • Did you have any concerns about Charlotte applying? What were they? And why?

Absolutely none – she had the drive and commitment to see through what she had to do. I am there for her moral support 100%.

  • How have you found the programme now that Charlotte has started?

The work is very demanding, but she thrives on it. There have been times when I have questioned her workload as she has come home shattered. However, she has assured me that she has excellent back-up with her buddy and councillor along with the Executives within her building. She wants to succeed, wants to be the very best and go as high as she can and knows she has to work harder than hard to get there. I firmly believe she will.

  • Have you noticed any changes to Charlotte?

Charlotte has always been a very articulate and ‘’grown-up’’ person. Her confidence and her presence make you notice her – not in a harsh way. She is very approachable, bubbly and friendly but also very professional. I’m very proud of her.

  • Would you recommend the programme to other parents? Why?

I would recommend this highly as it gives young adults the full on experience of day-to-day business – the very best way I believe to learn – on the job. I believe it is easier to ‘’do’’ something and understand it rather than read. Anyone can read it, perhaps understand it to some extent but by actually performing the task – that shows you are able. This is very well supported by those in the offices.