FAQs from parents

Over the last year, we have lots of parents at events who are eager to find out more about EY and our opportunities, especially those involving apprenticeships. Here are some of our frequently asked questions, which should also help you with any queries you may have.

Where do the trainees go to do their training?

Currently our business apprentices go to specific professional colleges run by Kaplan. This is a great opportunity for the apprentices to network with their peers and learn all the technical skills needed to perform their role.

How do school leavers decide which of the three business streams (tax, assurance, transactions) to apply for?

We have recently launched an interactive quiz to help school leavers decide which service line is right for them - EY and You. The quiz looks at your strengths and aligns you to the service line that is a natural fit for your skill set.

Can a trainee change service line once they start?

It is possible for a trainee to change their service line, however each case is looked at on an ad hoc basis and we’d suggest that during the research and application process that they use the opportunity to find out more about each of our service lines to ensure they make an informed decision. We have a number of EY Insiders on our website who are available to answer questions representing each of our service lines. Ask a question here.

How do the trainees manage work and studying for their exams?

Apprentices will have certain times when they are in the office or working with their clients, and specific time when they are at college or preparing for exams. The training programme has a structured timetable to ensure there is no cross-over between the two. In addition to this, our managers and teams are aware that our apprentices are on a training contract, and will ensure they are not asked to contribute to client work whilst they are on study leave.

How many events do you have?

We have several events that take part over the course of the academic year, whether it’s an open evening at one of our offices, or a work experience programme. To find out when the next event local to you is taking place, visit our events page.

How many students do you take on every year?

For the 2017 intake of the EY Business Apprenticeship we are looking to recruit 200 apprentices.

What were the deciding factors for your current trainees choosing an apprenticeship?

Please watch our videos created by our apprentices on the factors that led to them joining the EY Business Apprenticeship. 

What would you tell a 16 year old to do if you were a parent?

The best advice we would give to a 16 year old is to do your research – find out what industries interest you and where your skills will fit. A good understanding of your strengths (the things that energise you!) is important. From there, have a look at companies within those industries and see if you can attend any events they are hosting so you can gather as much information as possible. Work experience at different companies can be useful, although not required for our apprenticeship programme, to see what it’s really like to work in your chosen industry. All experience is good experience - if you decide it’s not for you, you can start looking elsewhere.