Gordon Plunkett – Parent of Brodie Plunkett (EY, Assurance)

SLP reportage 33

When we found out that Brodie had been shortlisted for the 2016 TARGETJobs Awards, his dad Gordan was keen to share with us his experience of supporting Brodie towards this great recognition of his work so far.

Tell us a bit about yourself….did you go to university?

I am the father of three wonderful sons’; Brodie is the middle child with an elder brother Dean and a younger brother Jarred. I first began work when I was aged 14 working on a local fruit & veg stool in my home town, Grays. From a young age I was driven through hard, manual work and took my career through this path, leaving school aged 15 and began working on a construction site before my 16th birthday. During my career I have pushed myself to earn many licenses to operate a number of machines and equipment on site. A highlight in my career to date would have to be one of the Foremen working on site for the construction of the Velodrome for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

How did you first hear about the programme and what did you think of it?

Brodie introduced me to the programme whilst he was studying for his A-Levels; he sat me and his Mother down and explained to us that he would not be applying to university as there was an excellent career opportunity as a business apprentice. Initially, I presumed that Brodie would be set for university given his exceptional grades throughout his GCSE’s and A-Levels, however, I could tell that Brodie was extremely excited about this opportunity that presented itself at EY. Brodie explained that working for EY allowed him to study for his professional ACA qualification whilst also receiving on the job work experience and a salary, from what I could tell this really was a fantastic opportunity for Brodie to launch his career with a global firm.

How have you found the programme now that Brodie has started?

The business apprenticeship programme has exceeded my already high expectations, since joining EY Brodie has grown massively in his confidence, his education and understanding of the world. My son has always been a hard worker, committed to challenges and helping everyone around him; these three characteristics have only been enhanced through working at EY which has been shown through excellent feedback and year-end rating’s which Brodie achieved. I have read and discussed feedback Brodie has received from senior members of staff and I was amazed at the remarkable comments he received. The programme has allowed Brodie to excel in a fantastic working environment and he has grown up to become a very mature, and talented young man, I could not be more proud of my son.

Would you recommend the programme to other parents? Why?

I would recommend the programme to every parent who has children studying at College. Brodie has really opened my eyes to the fantastic opportunity that the EY Business Apprenticeship Programme offers; a chance to study for a professional qualification whilst being exposed to client dealings and work. I know that Brodie has made the right career choice through joining EY and I would encourage parents across the country to consider this excellent opportunity before considering university.