Leigh's story

Leigh is an Analyst within our Advisory Service Delivery team and is based within our Newcastle office. Here she tells us what attracted her to EY and what it's like working within the Advisory Service Delivery Centre.

What were the key factors that made you choose EY?

EY is one of the Big Four and has a prestigious name. EY offers vast amounts of opportunities in which I would be able to learn different skill steps.


Why did you decide to join Advisory Service Delivery in Newcastle?

I decided to join Advisory Service Delivery in Newcastle because I wanted a career in finance and EY is a global organisation, which is highly regarded. EY Advisory Service Delivery also offered the opportunity to work in Anti-Money Laundering, which in my opinion is an interesting aspect of financial crime prevention and something I have wanted to learn about. I have always wanted to work in finance and when the Newcastle office came into my University to deliver a lecture about who and what Advisory Service Delivery do it was very appealing and sounded like something I would be interested in doing as a career. My University course requires a two year placement and the Newcastle office were able to taking on two-year placement students.  


What makes working in the Advisory Service Delivery Centre so exciting?

Advisory Service Delivery is exciting because every day is different and you are able to learn something new. Advisory Service Delivery want to expand and with that they want to help improve their employees expand their knowledge with them. As a result, you get given the opportunity to take part in training and qualifications in areas you want to specialise. Advisory Service Delivery in Newcastle is a friendly and driven environment with opportunities to get involved with not only project work but other areas of the business as well. Project work can involve areas such as cyber security, anti-money laundering, suitability and reporting solutions. Other areas of the business you can get involved with are champion areas such as pastoral care, finance, recruitment, on boarding and many more. 


What experiences have you been exposed to while working at EY in Advisory Service Delivery?

Whilst at EY in Advisory Service Delivery, I have been exposed to four project; several have focused on key areas such as KYC (Know Your Customer) and CDD (Customer Due Diligence), plus Identity Access Management within Cyber Security. I have been exposed to working directly with clients and developers from all around the globe, whether that be face-to-face, by email or via phone calls. This has enhanced my communication skills and confidence.


Tell us about the training and development you’ve had at EY.

EY has continuously provided training and qualifications throughout my first year. I have access to online training as well being able to attend training in the office. EY have encouraged and enabled me to study towards a professional qualification – ICA Certificate in KYC and CDD.


What would you tell students about the EY culture?

EY is a friendly and inviting culture, and with quite a young workforce in the Newcastle office, it is easy to relate to one another and grow your career with your colleagues. I have worked with colleagues and clients from all around the world and have been given a real insight into EY culture. EY prides itself on the EY Foundation in which the Newcastle office holds event throughout the year to raise money for as well as other charities. EY provides each employee with CSR days a year allowing EY employees to give something back to their community.


Finally, what advice would you give to students, looking to join EY, particularly Advisory Service Delivery?

Advice I would give to students looking to join EY, particularly Advisory Service Delivery is to embrace EY’s culture, get involved with projects, champion areas and charity events held by EY. If you need help there is always someone willing to help you so just ask. Finally, enjoy yourself and take every opportunity in your stride.

Leigh Dixon
  • Leigh Dixon

About the author

Leigh, an Analyst in our Advisory Service Delivery Centre, joined EY 4th July 2016. Leigh attended the Northumbria University and studies Business Leadership and Corporate Management as part of her programme which entailed a year at University and a two year work placement. She graduated in September 2018.