Technology careers at EY, Georgina

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Georgina studied Accounting and Finance at Warwick University and is on a graduate programme (after completing a Scholarship) within our Consulting, IT Risk & Assurance team.

Describe what your job involves

My role as an IT Auditor is to evaluate the risk surrounding IT systems and check that these risks are monitored and addressed by our clients. The main reason for this type of work is to support our Financial Audit colleagues as they need to rely on numbers being produced by the systems to complete their audit of the financial statements. If Financial Audit can't rely on the IT systems because there is poor risk management, then a different approach must be taken to the audit which can be more time consuming and laborious.

How is technology impacting our clients?

Technology is both disrupting and enabling our clients. They face more and more competition from more tech-savvy firms who are using technology to enable them. Our clients are feeling the need to adapt and evolve. Technology is forcing change and those who can't adapt aren't surviving.

How does technology impact your job?

My job is to assess the risks that IT poses to our clients and help them find plans to address these risks. Day to day, we use technology to do this, whether its Skype meetings to communicate with our clients or screen-share across the global to help with global collaboration.

How would you describe a "technology mind-set"?

Having a technology mind-set means thinking about the way that technology could affect the current world we live in and how technology could shape the future. Thinking this way, we can start to address current risks and start to predict what the risks of the future might be, and how our clients might need to adapt.

What has surprised you most about your role at EY?

When I applied for IT Risk and Assurance, I assumed I would need to know about technology. The more I time I have spent in the role, the more I have come to realise that the more important thing to understand is people. No matter what the role is, being able to work with different types of people, both at EY and the client is vital.

Are you involved in any initiatives outside of your day job?

I help to run our recruitment efforts at Warwick University. This means leading a team of 20 people in coordinating events, speaking to societies and students and liaising with faculties to make sure we are getting the best applicants through our doors.

What is your advice for a student looking to join IT Risk & Assurance?

IT Risk & Assurance is a growing team where the skill set you learn is going to assist you with your future career, regardless of what that career might be. IT has become the driving force behind most changes within an organaisation, and therefore being able to understand and advise on the risks associated with such changes is not a skill that will become obsolete any time soon. This combined with the completion of the ICAEW's ACA qualification means that not only are you trained in IT, you are also trained in Financial Audit so are a well rounded professional.

How can student prepare themselves for working in a firm like EY?

I would recommend you research some of the trends within the Professional Services market along with being prepared to ask questions. Having a questioning mindset is key to learning and growing within EY so starting that early would be very beneficial.

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