Working in ITRA

SLP reportage 37

Laura is based in our Birmingham office and has been with EY for the last 18 months, working as part of the ITRA (IT Risk and Assurance) team

What is a typical day in ITRA like?

A typical day in ITRA can vary based on the job you will be working on and that is the key advantage to ITRA as you can work on an audit or work on project hired by the client to help them progress in a particular area. However, the main parts of most ITRA jobs include having meetings with the clients to understand their Business and how they use IT within this. Based on this we would then assess the risks to the Business and how certain controls in place could help reduce this. We would then use this knowledge and test the controls in place using both analytical skills and problem-solving skills if an issue arises. You will mostly be onsite with a senior consultant and a manager but this can vary as well based on the size of the job.

Have you had the opportunity to travel in your role?

Travel is the key advantage to this job as clients are based all over the UK and even in some cases abroad. Therefore, you can be working one week in the office and the next week in London, Manchester of even farther afield like Amsterdam.

What are the people like in the ITRA team?

Everyone is really friendly and encouraging. When you first join you are given both a buddy and a counsellor. Therefore, this enables key points of contact to speak to whilst you are at the company and even on the run up to you joining. Based on the jobs you also work with lots of different individuals across ITRA so you can get to know different people from different locations. The key thing with ITRA is that everyone speaks to everyone and there is no difference from speaking to a fellow school leaver and with a Director.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The thing that I enjoy most is working with lots of different clients across different sectors. This means that it is such a varied experience where one day you can be working at a small client with 3 people in the IT team and another day you can be working with a large global Business with thousands of employees. This means that you can learn a lot and even understand a bit more about the overall Business.

What skills have you developed since joining the programme?

Since joining the programme I have developed good relationship management skills from working with different clients and working with different ITRA team members. I have developed good analytical skills and problem-solving skills from testing evidence and I have increased my confidence as I have been given the chance to lead meetings with the client.

Additionally, I am part way through my ACA qualification so I have gained an understanding of the financial aspect of the audit and how IT fits into this.

Why would you recommend the ITRA EY Business Apprenticeship?

I would recommend the ITRA EY Business Apprenticeship programme because you will get to experience a lot; you will have the opportunity to work on clients, which you see everyday in your day to day life; you have the opportunity to travel within the UK and even abroad in some cases and there is the opportunity to choose to complete the ACA qualification if you want to gain a qualification as well.