Meet Drew

Meet Drew, an Assistant Executive in the EY London office. He began his career in accountancy on the EY School Leaver programme in 2012. Drew works with our financial services clients, across banking and capital markets, insurance and wealth & asset management.

Why did you choose to apply to the EY School Leaver programme?

There were a number of reasons, but in particular:

  • I was aware that the programme involved studying towards the ACA qualification which is very highly regarded and could be transferred into a number of different roles and industries, not only in the UK.
  • It allowed me to begin earning a salary from day one, compared with university where I'd be paying tuition fees of £9,000 per year and accumulating student loan debt.

What sort of work do you do in Assurance?

I work in the Financial Services section within Assurance and we focus on delivering financial audits to clients such as investment banks, stockbrokers and leasing companies. Financial audits involve reviewing and verifying that the numbers recorded in a company's financial statements are a true and accurate reflection of the company's performance.

What do you enjoy about working in Assurance?

One of the aspects of Assurance which I enjoy the most is building up a good understanding of how a business operates, particularly in terms of how it generates revenue and how it is impacted by market conditions because it varies significantly between different clients.

Working in Assurance involves a lot of interaction with other people which is another element I enjoy. This includes attending meetings with clients to discuss issues identified as part of the audit as well as working with my EY colleagues.

What support have you been given to help you build a successful career at EY?

Since joining EY, everyone I have worked with has been very helpful in terms of helping me to build a successful career within the firm. In particular, when I joined there were several people within my department who took the time to help me settle in. I have also been assigned a Counselling Manager who I discuss any issues with and who also provides advice on developing my career within EY. For example, I have already had discussions with my manager regarding which client projects it would be beneficial for me to work on to help me become an expert in my field.

What's been the highlight for you so far?

My highlight since joining EY was being short-listed in the final 10 for the Apprentice of the Year award as part of the 2014 Target Job awards.

What’s the social side of life at EY like?

I really enjoy the social side of EY. My department organises social events on a quarterly basis each of which has a different theme and there are often team drinks arranged. There are also a number of sporting opportunities such as EY rugby and football teams. 

What would you say was the biggest benefit of getting straight into work rather than going to university?

I think the biggest benefit of getting straight into work is being able to build up knowledge and skills through relevant work experience, which is something university would not offer.