Josh’s journey

Job title: Executive
Service line: Transactions
Office: London

I was disappointed not to get a place reading PPE at university, despite getting very good A-level results. I took a year out and applied again. This time I was offered four places. But I didn’t leap at any of them — I’d been to visit a friend at EY in London and met a senior person there who really impressed me.

When my friend told me that she hadn’t been to university, I realised that not having a degree is not a barrier to success. I thought carefully about it and decided I could go just as far — and maybe get there faster — if I went straight into work.

EY offered me a job in 2012, and I went for it.

My time so far at EY has been amazing. I’ve gained the same professional qualifications a graduate would — I just got them sooner! I did worry about missing out on the social side of university, but I needn’t have.

I’m now fully qualified, I’ve got a great network and some serious experience. With a degree I may have got to the same place, but not nearly as quick.