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Undergraduate programmes
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Work experience

You're still at school and not too sure about the idea of university – could an apprenticeship be what you’re after? Find out at the EY Business Academy

Spend a week of paid work experience learning about EY and doing real client work alongside our apprentices.




If you’ve finished school and aren’t sure about uni, jump straight in to the world of business on an EY Apprenticeship. You’ll study but also learn on-the-job and earn a salary from day one.

Undergraduate programmes

If you want to get a head start on your career while you’re at university, try:

Discover EY

Hear from our senior leaders and get involved in a two-day event for first-year uni students.

Summer internships

Develop valuable skills throughout six weeks of paid work experience.

Industrial placements

Does your degree require one? Spend a year learning, earning and applying your knowledge in the world of work.

Graduate programmes

If you’ve finished uni, or are about to, our graduate programmes are a great way to tap into your knowledge, learn new skills and start a rewarding career.

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