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  • Haley Ison

Haley joined EY as a school leaver in 2008. Today, Haley works in our Jersey office as an Audit manager where she’s completed her Applied Accounting BSc in conjunction with ACCA.

“I went to school locally so with both my family and friends based here, working in the Channel Islands was the obvious choice for me. Although I’ve had the opportunity to move away since, I’ve found working on some of the bigger engagements in the Jersey office to be quite challenging and rewarding. It’s given me a global mind-set, pushing me to identify and leverage skills and expertise outside of the island to work as a multi-location integrated team. 

“When I was choosing my A-levels I decided I wanted to take my professional exams to become an accountant. I shadowed a partner at EY as part of a work shadowing scheme and learnt that EY had openings for school leavers to take their ACCA exams without needing to go to university. The people I met as part of my shadowing scheme were very welcoming and it was definitely a positive experience.

“What set EY apart from other companies I was looking at was that EY has quite a large annual in-take of new joiners. Being part of a group of young people I could learn and study with was appealing especially coming straight from school. EY also offers secondment and travel opportunities as part of working on client engagements. Having been brought up in a small island such as Jersey I was keen to explore the wider world. This is something I’ve definitely achieved, travelling to India, Amsterdam and Rome on business in the last 3-4 years.

“One of the best things about working in the Channel Islands is that I can walk to work in the mornings and the beach is less than 10 minutes away! Not only is everything conveniently close-by, but since the office is a smaller regional office, you can’t get lost in the crowd. Everyone sits on one floor and has a good understanding of each other’s strengths, weaknesses and pet peeves.

“At EY, we are a group of people who come from many different backgrounds and cultures. This helps to create a learning environment where everyone naturally gains from other’s different experiences. The culture in the office is also quite fast paced and supportive– we are constantly changing the way we work and interact based on the feedback we provide to each other.   

"I mainly work in the Banking & Capital Markets industry line. My most recent project had teams based in the UK, India, Gibraltar, Luxembourg and the Isle of Man who all reported to us in Jersey before we reported to the team in London. At the same time, our locally based team of 10 had over 300 procedures to perform in the span of 2-3 months. We formed one of the key sign offs to the London team auditing the ultimate shareholder prior to the release of the Group’s results to the market. It was quite a co-ordination effort and made me focus on prioritising and identifying the riskiest areas.  

“This project has had a significant impact on the business, we provided observations and recommendations which we encounter as part of the audit process to the team in London to table at the Group Audit Committee. We’ve also contributed towards the London team’s audit of IFRS 9 disclosures. EY have supported our client both from an accounting perspective as they adopt the new standard and from an operational risk perspective. 

“As part of my role, I get to work with a large number of different teams and locations on a day to day basis. I’ve recently started working with our EY Cayman team as part of an audit of a local administrator. From a team engagement perspective, it helps that our team in India are 5 hours ahead and our Cayman team are 5 hours behind!  

“As an audit manager, I’m involved in scoping and budgeting the audit, ensuring we have the right team in place and managing the delivery of the audit in accordance with agreed timescales and deadlines. I am also the Jersey technical training manager and this means I’m also responsible for making sure assurance personnel attend the right type of EY internal training at the right stage in their career. As a counsellor, I will prompt my counselees to put goal plans and actions in place every 90 days. We’ll also discuss feedback together and determine how they can progress to the next stage.

“There are as formal structures at work which provide support including the counselling relationship and an approachable HR team. Informally I’m supported by my peers in the manager group and the fantastic teams I work with on a day to day basis.”

  • Haley Ison

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Haley joined EY as a school leaver in 2008. Today, Haley works in our Jersey office as an Audit Manager where she has completed her Applied Accounting BSc in conjunction with ACCA.