What is an EY industrial placement programme?

If your university degree involves a one-year work placement, you can do it with us. Want to see how your knowledge applies in the real world? You’ll be part of the team here, with responsibility on client projects. We’ll pay you a salary and even help you get a head start on your professional qualifications. The really good part? If we get along well, there’ll be a job here for you after you graduate.


To make good decisions, people need to know they can trust the information companies share. Could you help bring rigour to our clients’ accounting processes?

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Business Consulting

Companies are always asking us how to run their businesses better and bring new possibilities to their customers. Could you help them find the answers?

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Technology Consulting

Cyber security and artificial intelligence are just two hot topics in tech for today’s companies. Could your passion for technology help our clients solve their biggest challenges?

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To fund things like schools and hospitals, societies depend on companies paying the right amount of tax. Could you help our clients stay on top of ever-changing rules?

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Help our student recruitment team design, develop and delivery impactful early identification programmes.

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