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  • Simrath D

“I am currently a student at the University of Liverpool studying BA Accounting and Finance. Around this time last year I was offered an Industrial Placement in Financial Services Tax. Over the course of this short series of blogs, I will talk about my experience at EY to date."

“I would start off by saying, do not be put off from applying to any of the accounting/professional services firms without an accounting background. In fact, EY looks for your strengths rather than your educational background. There is little expectation for you to know anything more than the basics and training is given from the very first day.

“Having taken part in a week’s work experience with Deloitte in Sixth Form, I wanted to know more about the rest of the ‘Big 4’. I initially applied to EY’s first year undergraduate scheme Discover EY which was based in London. The best thing about this scheme was that it was fairly informal, focussed on developing essential employment skills such as teamwork and presentation skills. We were also given the opportunity to network with EY employees allowing us to gain better understanding of EY and the different service lines that we have the opportunity to work in.

“After taking part in this scheme, we were given the opportunity to apply to EY’s summer scheme or an industrial placement. Using the information I had gathered over the couple of days on the Discover EY programme, I decided to apply for an industrial placement within Tax. I chose the industrial placement scheme rather than the summer internship as I felt that a year’s worth of experience is much more valuable, both to you and the employer.

“There were a number of reasons why I chose to apply and accept a role at EY. Everyone I met at the Discover EY event, as well as those I met at a networking evening at the EY Liverpool office, all said the same thing: the best thing about EY is the people culture. After working at EY for more than six months now, I can safely say that this is genuinely true. The people culture is such that everyone is more than willing to help you learn and grow and provide you with great assistance with any work you are given.

“Additionally, EY’s vision of building a better working world was one that resonated with me and the drive to provide exceptional client service rather than focussing fully on numbers, encouraged me greatly to apply for the industrial placement scheme.”

  • Simrath D

About the author

Simrath is currently studying Accounting and Finance at the University of Liverpool. She is currently completing an Industrial Placement in Tax at EY in Leeds.