What is an EY summer internship programme?

In your penultimate year of uni and want to get ahead in your career? You could do a summer internship with us. It’s six weeks of paid work experience with one of our teams around the UK. After kicking things off with an induction to EY and some business skills training, you’ll soon be doing the same work as our graduates on real client projects. If it goes well, you could secure a graduate job with us.

Our 2020 Summer Internship programmes will run from 6 July- 14 Aug 2020.

Assurance programmes


To make good decisions, people need to know they can trust the information companies share. Could you help bring rigour to our clients’ accounting processes?

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Technology Risk

When it comes to IT and data, even a small mistake or security breach can spell disaster for a company. Could you help our clients reduce the risks of this happening?

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Business Risk Services

The bigger an organisation gets, the more risks there are of things going wrong. Could you help our clients develop processes they can confidently rely on?

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Actuarial programmes

Actuarial – Non-Life insurance

The whole insurance industry balances on the probability of events and their financial consequences. Could your analytical mind help our clients predict the future?

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Actuarial – Life insurance

The life insurance industry plays a key role in society, but it has to solve complex challenges to succeed. Could you help our clients make wise decisions for the future?

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Consulting programmes

Business Consulting

Companies are always asking us how to run their businesses better and bring new possibilities to their customers. Could you help them find the answers?

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Technology Consulting

Cyber security and artificial intelligence are just two hot topics in tech for today’s companies. Could your passion for technology help our clients solve their biggest challenges?

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People Advisory Services – Workforce Advisory

Even the best business strategy is no good if employees don’t have the ability or motivation to make it happen. Could you help our clients get best from their people?

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Tax programmes


To fund things like schools and hospitals, societies depend on companies paying the right amount of tax. Could you help our clients stay on top of ever-changing rules?

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EMEIA Tax Center - Intercompany Effectiveness

Help multinational organisations drive transparency and insight into their financial information.

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EMEIA Tax Center - Tax Technology & Transformation

Every big company needs an efficient, effective team of tax specialists. Could you help our international clients make better use of people, processes and technology?

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People Advisory Services – Mobility and Reward

How a company rewards or relocates its employees around the world affects how much tax it needs to pay – and where. Could you make complex decisions simpler for our clients?

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People Advisory Services - Mobility (Fluent in Japanese or Mandarin)

We look at how relocating and moving employees around the world can affects their tax positions in the various jurisdictions. Could you make complex decisions simpler for our clients?

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Transactions programmes

Corporate Finance

Help corporates, private equity and governments achieve their strategic capital objectives through acquisitions, disposals and fund raisings.

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Transactions Support

Help companies shape the future of their business as you plan and manage deals, complex risks and opportunities that are created by major transactions.

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Work with companies and investors that face financial challenges and threats across the whole economic cycle.

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Operational Transaction Services

Support a broad range of clients on projects such as mergers and acquisitions to restructuring and joint ventures to implement effective integration and separation strategies.

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Economic Advisory

Work with our clients on their policy, regulation and commercial decision making needs.

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Help our clients make better-informed decisions. Before companies do billion-dollar deals, they need to accurately assess what they're worth in the long run.

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