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Rhian Jones
  • Rhian Jones

Rhian works in our Financial Services Consulting service line within IT Risk and Assurance (ITRA). Here she discusses what her day-to-day work is like and gives you some top tips on a careers at EY.

How have you been suported to make an impact in your career?

The training I have received during my first year as an ITRA Consultant has helped me contribute to the team in a variety of ways, making me a valuable resource. For example, I have learnt about the fundamentals of IT audit which has allowed me to perform important work across various clients and sectors which has set me up well for an IT risk based career. Through client work, and internal structures I also have access to leadership across the department. Hearing about their careers and having access to their thoughts and advice has really helped put my career into perspective and has motivated me to pursue specific opportunities.

Can you please give us an example of the work you do day-to-day?

I am currently working on the IT audit team for a large investment banking franchise. Together, we are assessing the effectiveness of key applications within the franchise in order to aid the financial audit team with their work of gaining reasonable assurance over the financial statements.

I have been focusing on the technology testing phase of the audit; testing controls around user access for key applications within the investment banking franchise. I meet regularly with the client contact to obtain evidence and perform data analysis of populations in order to optimise the audit strategy. I would also test samples for each control and report any findings. I also had the role of developing and maintaining the social agenda for the team, ensuring that as a team, we have strong communication, transparency and inclusiveness.

I think that through the social agenda, our team has fulfilled EY’s purpose of ‘Building a Better Working World’. During Monthly informal meetings, we discuss various concerns in the team as well as how to make sure we are being as inclusive as possible. For example, in the next meeting, we are going to discuss how we can help to make the environment (and therefore EY) more attractive to people with disabilities, both physical and mental. The social agenda also encourages team members to make use of flexible working in order to make achieving a work-life balance easier.

What advice would you give to new graduates, looking to join EY?

If you have the opportunity then I would definitely recommend completing the Summer Internship Programme, as this is where I saw the EY culture and work first hand, which made me want to work here full time. I would also recommend heading to a graduate event near you and speaking to the EY staff that attend - this way you can ask any questions and hear about their experiences.

Rhian Jones
  • Rhian Jones

About the author

Rhian joined us as a Summer Intern in 2014 in Financial Services IT Risk & Assurance. During the 6 weeks of the summer internship she thoroughly enjoyed her time and therefore took a full time position with the department as part of the 2015 graduate intake. Prior to joining EY Rhian graduated in 2015 with a Masters Degree in Astrophysics from Durham University.