Adjustments & Disability: Here to help

  • Katherine Holdstock

As part of my role within the student recruitment operations team I am the lead contact for candidates who require adjustments or with a long-term health condition or disability that may affect performance during the recruitment process. Diversity and inclusiveness is at the heart of the firm’s culture, and within student recruitment we are keen to tap into all available sources of talent, including people with disabilities.

Attending an event

We run a number of events at our offices, on campus or in schools. When registering for the event you’ll be able to specify any adjustments you’ll need on the day and someone from the team will be in touch to discuss this with you.



We accept applications across all of our programmes for those who consider themselves to have a disability. We are able to make reasonable adjustments within the student recruitment process to ensure that you have the best chance of success.



At EY we understand that there’s not a “one size fits all” approach to adjustments. When making your initial application we invite candidates to specify whether you require adjustments to the process. We’ll also ask how you’d like to be contacted to discuss any adjustments.

All candidates who complete this section will be contacted by a member of the student recruitment team to discuss the process in more detail and allow you to specify specific needs at each stage of the process. We’ll then confirm the adjustments with you before you complete that stage.

We understand that it can be difficult to talk about a disability, however it may be beneficial for you to be open about your disability so that we can support you through the process and ensure you have the right level of adjustments. Any conversations we have with you regarding disability and adjustments will be treated confidentially.


Recruitment Adjustments

While we don’t specify any adjustments to the process, common requests that can be accommodated are:

Additional time: this can be provided for online testing, written assessments and increased preparation time for exercises at our assessment centre.

Hard copy: we can arrange for hard copies of materials for assessments, or for materials to be adapted (e.g. increased font size)

Logistical changes:  we can arrange for additional breaks during assessments or separate rooms. You can also specify if you have a preference for an assessment to be in the morning or afternoon.


Disability and Student Recruitment at EY

The student recruitment team at EY are continually working to enhance our approach towards disability. Within our strategy we cover three main themes: Attraction, Collaboration and Enable

Attraction: we work closely with the Ability EY network to create profiles and case studies to be used in our marketing materials. Our teams out on campus are trained to have “disability confident” conversations.

Collaboration: we are a sponsor of the My Plus Students Club, and our process has been audited by an external consultant to ensure we are providing a great candidate experience for those requiring adjustments. As a firm, we have a long standing commitment to a number of disability organisations such as the Business Disability Forum in the UK.

In April 2017, we teamed up with Deaf Unity to run a mock assessment centre for deaf candidates. This enabled us to have a better understanding of the adjustments needed for profoundly deaf candidates.

Enable: we have a continued focus on improving our team knowledge, training and application process to ensure we are able to provide appropriate adjustments and support during the process.


Talk to us

If you want to know more, or discuss your application in more detail please contact us on or on 0800289208.

For further information you can also visit:

  • Katherine Holdstock

About the author

Katherine joined the student recruitment team in 2016 having started at the firm as a graduate based in FS Assurance in our London office. She works in our Operations team and manages the recruitment for our FS Assurance roles across the UK. Katherine leads on our disability and adjustments strategy, supporting candidates through the process.