Working in Assurance – Pamela

  • Pamela Hillie

Pamela went to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth in South Africa and studied BComm Accounting. She now works in our Luton office in Assurance. In this article Pamela talks about why she chose EY and why she stays with the firm.

"The key factor for me in joining EY was the people. EY values its people and appreciates that they’re the driving force behind achieving its ambitious goals. The firm places a lot of importance on ensuring their people are able to achieve their personal goals.

"My line managers and counsellors have helped me unleash my career potential by helping me identify my strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what my strengths and weaknesses are, has allowed me to cease opportunities and take on stretch assignments that will assist with my development.

"The importance EY places on career progression on all of its people is evident. My personal career development and progression has always been discussed openly with me and through the yearly review process I am fully aware of what I need to do to reach the next level.

"Through my experience, EY makes an effort to understand the differences that make-up its workforce. They have strategic initiatives and create inclusive working environments that are conducive for excellence,

"From the day I started at EY, I have felt completely comfortable to bring my whole-self to work. EY has allowed me to focus on the things I love; people and communicating. And since joining the firm I've been able to focus on these things outside my day job. I am a "My First Year Coach", a role that focuses on getting experienced hires settled in after they have joined EY and I manage our Interns when they join our office in the summer.

"I have attended so many technical training sessions that are relevant to the work that I do and every month we have monthly updates with our team to share our knowledge. In October we had a Summer Academy, which is a conference for all levels from Senior to Partner. At this academy we're able to meet and network with our senior leaders in assurance across the UK. In my role as coach I have met our EY Assurance Talent Leader, and I'll continue to have senior leadership exposure which I know is helping me to develop as I progress through the firm.

"I work closely with EY Foundation, and as a result I am involved the Smart Futures Programme. That works with young people across the UK to provide opportunities to learn more about professional services - the students are also allocated an EY business mentor.

My ambition at EY is to ensure that through the work that I do within auditing and working with our local communities that I'm able to help ensure a better working world for all."

  • Pamela Hillie

About the author

Pamela joined EY on the 4th of July 2016 and works in our Luton office in Audit, Assurance. She went to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth in South Africa and studied BComm Accounting. Her top tip for joining EY: Be yourself, understand EY, its goals and vision and think about what role you can play to help EY achieve them.