Entrepreneur tips from Bianca Miller-Cole

Bianca Miller-Cole is an award-winning Entrepreneur, speaker and author. She gives you tips on unleashing your entrepreneurial spirit.

Why entrepreneurship is important for the economy

Entrepreneurship is important for the economy, in this video Bianca Miller-Cole tell us why.

Top tips for starting your career

Hear the top tips Bianca Miller-Cole gives for starting your career.

From students to Partners, everyone can be entrepreneurial

Bianca Miller-Cole talks about why it’s important to provide opportunities to students to build entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurial mind-set

Bianca Miller-Cole believes that an entrepreneurial mindset is an ideal way of thinking if you wish to create career longevity and a successful business. In this article Bianca outlines the key attributes she considers favourable for entrepreneurs.
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Oli and Joseph - UniDosh

UniDosh is a platform for students in Manchester to buy and sell services to other students. Students can choose their own job, their own price and their own hours, based on their own skills. UniDosh were the winners of our Founders 30 competition with The Tab and they tell us all about their experiences.

Harry - OPEN

OPEN is a digital marketing agency which helps market small businesses through social media and other digital means. Harry was one of our runners up in our recent Founders 30 competition with The Tab. Harry shares with us details about his experience so far.

Makaela - Free The Fresher

Free the Fresher offers packs with all the uni essentials to help students save money when moving into their accommodation. Members can order online but the packs will be available in stores next year. In this article Makaela tells us what her plans are for the next 12 months and how she's going to use her mentorship prize.
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The EY Vantage Programme

We connect future EY leaders with leaders of tomorrow to accelerate growth and create jobs. Working on a pro-bono basis, our top-performers work alongside high-impact entrepreneurs in emerging markets to address challenges to growth.
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Entrepreneur Inside

Being able to act entrepreneurially within a large organisation is an increasingly valuable trait, so how do you develop it? We've interviewed experts and professionals to help you unleash your entrepreneurial spirit, wherever you work.
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Entrepreneur Of The Year

EY has recognised the importance of entrepreneurialism for more than 20 years. We created the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year programme, which is considered the world's most prestigious business award and is now held in more than 145 cities and more than 60 countries around the world.

Enterprise Growth Services programme

Enterprise Growth Services is a non-profit department of EY. It embodies everything we mean when we say our ambition is to build a better working world. We send our best people to provide the expertise and advice these businesses and projects need in order to flourish. The programme also provides an unrivalled development opportunity for the EY employees who underpin it.

Jo's work with Ugandan farmers

Jo spent two months in Uganda helping farmers overcome their challenges, working in an international team within our Enterprise Growth Services programme.

Kush advises an NGO in Western Uganda

Kush won a place on a project in Western Uganda to advise an NGO (Non-governmental organisation) called Traidlinks. He blogged about his experiences.