Insight and advice from our people

"Entrepreneurial spirit is in our DNA"

Rebecca, EMEIA Director, knows how important it is for an organisation to have a strong sense of supporting innovation and different ways of working.
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"Don’t be afraid to get out in the market"

Victoria is a Partner in the EY Tax practice and accredits much of her success to the entrepreneurial mind-set that EY actively promotes among their people.

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“One attribute all entrepreneurs share is resilience”

Steve Wilkinson, Managing Partner, UK & Ireland Markets at EY, talks about how entrepreneurialism is driving growth.
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"Stand out from the pack"

Audit Partner Sandra explains how important it is to have an entrepreneurial mindset in order to understand how clients and businesses think.
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“Seize your opportunity to shine”

Rajeeb Dey Founder and Chief Executive Officer of talks about the rise of ‘intrapreneurs', why employers are seeking what you have been suppressing and gives advice on how to be more entrepreneurial.

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Rajeeb Dey gives advice on overcoming the challenges to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit inside an organisation.


Entrepreneur inside

Rajeeb Dey gives us his advice on the five qualities needed to be a successful entrepreneur inside. Do you recognise any of these in yourself?


Be resourceful in achieving your aims and have a contingency plan


Always be in listening mode and utilise your network


Kickstart your journey by articulating your vision well


Overcome challenges by remembering your passion for the idea


Take responsibility for your vision and lead by example